ZENNture is a consulting company with a presence in England and the Netherlands. We bring in two decades of experience in ERP implementations, software development, automation, optimization and outsourcing of financial processes. With specialist knowledge gleaned from this long experience, we came up with a strong and innovative concept to meet the particular and evolving requirements of medium companies. And so the “Accounting Center” was set up.

The idea for our Accounting Center was born during the long decade when ZENNture implemented several projects for the multinational DHL. Our services were first utilized to standardize and transition the financial back-offices in the different countries to one global ERP platform followed by the outsourcing of these financial processes to a third party with their Shared Service Center in India and China. This transformation provided many advantages, especially from a costing point of view, however the expected improvements were only partly met especially in the areas of further process improvements and automation.

By combining the advantages of outsourcing with the implementation of the latest Cloud ERP  technology for medium companies, and by letting our Accounting Center deliver all the financial processes, all expectations will be met immediately.