What Is Accounting Centre ?


Accounting Centre is basically a Back Office service offered by ZENNture to Accountancy firms to perform all labour intensive and manual accounting tasks in Xero,  QuickBooks and FreeAgent.

Our UiPath based solution automates the finance processes in mainly the Purchase to Pay process related to booking of supplier invoices,  performing bank reconciliations and handling expense claims.

VALUE of Accounting Centre ?


Reduce Cost: The Accounting Centre service is based on a fixed price per service reducing the total cost of processing.

Increase Productivity: By automating manual taskes, your staff can focus on value added services to your customers.

Higher Quality: Using Accouting Centre will result in higher accuracy and fewer booking errors.


WORKING of Accounting Centre ?


Accounting Centre is set-up in such a way that your customers have a seamless experience with your firm and won’t notice that certain Back Office tasks are performed by Accounting Centre.

All correspondence will be via your own companies email accounts, the online accounting packages used for your respective customers and your own branded chat service.



Which Processes are performed by Accounting Centre ?

High-volume, business-rules-driven and repeatable processes.






“behind every good business person there is a great accountant.”









What are the business benefits of Accounting Center ?

Accounting Centre will perform all the manual and transactional tasks (paid per transaction) in order for  your business to:

  • Focus on your customers
  • Deliver a better service to your customers
  • Reduce cost for your customers
  • Make more profit and
  • Be more competitive



Standard Process

We have defined a standard process for the different Cloud accounting software solutions used in the market in order to automate your processes irrespective of the software.

The standard process defined needs to be implemented from a technical and change management perspective.

Technical Configuration

The main set-up for your customers will be related to defining the different users in the systems and the rights they have for approval of invoices, the creation of masterdata and journals.

When set-u properly, your customers will not be required to use the accounting software but still have all the flexibilty to be in control of their process.



Change Management

Because this is a standard process with all the related benefits, it is required that every person involved in it is following this process as agreed in order to avoid making costly corrections afterwards.

This will be achieved by proper on-line documentation and training.

is your organisation READY FOR ACCOUNTING CENTRE ?

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