Service offering

With the right preparation and help, Finance Transformation offers a lot of opportunity to customers to reduce process costs and free up resources in the organisation. Focusing your initiative on the right process and prioritizing your efforts according to automation potential are crucial to getting started.

Aligning the organization, both management and project members behind the Transformation RoadMap, will help you to sustain the benefits from the Transition.

ZENNture is the leading and highly specialised consultancy company.  


Leveraging modern tools and years of experience ZENNture enables management and operational teams to streamline processes and implement initiatives like Robotic Process Automation and Data Analytics to run efficiently and deliver better service.



Formulating the right Stratgey for your Finance Transformation journey is crucial for achieving the required results as efficient and fast as possible without costing a fortune. ZENNture helps companies to define and implement Transformation Strategies with a clear Roadmap to success.  



ERP Systems comprise the bulk of the processes automated in your company and are therefor crucial for your companies Financial processes. At ZENNture we help companies selecting and implemeting the right ERP system with a specific focus on the Financial components of the ERP and other Financial systems. .


Robotic Process Automation

RPA is about creating a true partnership between robots and human users, with the activities split to match the strengths of each actor – speed and accuracy for the robot, and critical thinking and complex decision making for humans.

ZENNture helps you to automate finacial  processes further making use of RPA technology from UiPath that deliver quick results without much intrusion on existing IT Infrastructure.



With more than 15 year experience in establishing Shared Service Centres and Outsourcing Finance and Operational processes, ZENNture is ideally positioned to offer our consultancy services to further automate processes in Shared Service Centers accross the Globe. 



The Data Analytics services offered by ZENNture focus on two distinct arease in Finance, the first one is the analytics of all the Financial processes measured on the basis of clearly defined KPIs and SLAs. The second area for Data Anlytics is focussed on the Financial performamce of your company in the market.  



Process mining gives you immediate insights into not only how your processes are executed, but also which activities are manual or automatic.  It enables operational team to streamline processes and implement RPA initiatives.

As part of our service offering we perform the process mining activities with the use of UiPath technology to determine which processes will have the biggest saving potential as well as to determine how processes need to be standardised.